Our hang tags introduce a new twist for garment branding—the keepsake hang tag. Because these hang tags resemble miniature oil paintings, your customers will keep them as miniature souvenirs. Our one-of-a-kind canvas hang tags will serve as a constant branding reminder, perhaps inducing loyal customers to keep beautiful hang tag collections. We are the only firm in the world capable of this ultra high-end textile printing technology. Our canvas hang tags will make your customers stand up and say “Wow”
Woven labels are woven from scratch on very large digitally operated looms. Your artwork is actually transformed from a digital file to a 100% woven product. Most of these custom woven products are made of polyester fibers. Though there are several types of labeling products available, we automatically upgrade each order to high definition woven damask.
Printed clothing labels If you have elaborate artwork, texts, or images that cannot be woven with meaningful resolution, then consider going with printed fabric labels. There is a tremendous amount of creative license with color and form you can take going this route. Furthermore, we have very low minimums of 50, so you have the freedom to experiment with your design and mix and match colors and sizes without having to commit to a large investment.



Custom patches are essentially woven labels that are cut into novelty shapes with a laser. In order to allow for ease of sewing, a stiff fabric backing is affixed to the back of the product. If you are looking to save a lot of money, we offer these custom patches at a fraction of of the cost of traditional embroidered patches. You can get 100% coverage at no extra charge as well. These are particularly useful for serving as permanent external “billboards” for you garment, shoe, handbag, or backpack. Very sturdy and built to last.
Satin and cotton are extremely popular choices many of our customers make in tag selection. The type of textile technology employed is cutting edge—and so you are sure to be amazed at the quality, depth, and resolution of your artwork. If you have your own version of Picasso, send it over and we will shrink it to the size of a thumbnail—in full splendor detail and color depth. The printed art and text are fully washable and are very long lasting (fade resistant).
Jackron is an interesting material composed of pulverized recycled leather remnants that are pressed together. You are familiar with the Levi’s jean lines with the papery leather-like tag near the belt line—this is Jackron leather. The texture resembles a thick, fibrous, tear-resistant like paper. It is an excellent low cost choice for both standard leather alternatives as well as for hang tags. It is very durable, and with it’s flat surface, can handle very fine artwork detail.